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Bisexual female with a boyfriend...

Hey all! My boyfriend and I are seriously looking for another woman to join us in some fun! If you are interested there is contact info at the bottom!

1) Are you seriously commited to real-life hookup(s) with no strings attached? Yes, no, I'm not sure, other (please specify)
-Yes. My fiance and I are interested in bringing another woman into our relationship for a night or two. We want it to be someone we do not interact with on a regular basis so that there are no wierd strings attached.

2) Have you demonstrated in the past that you are capable of such an arrangement? My ex-girlfrinend and I had two different threesomes and my fiance and his ex-girlfriend had a threesome as well.

3) Are you currently married or in a commited relationship? If yes, are you supposed to be exclusive with your partner? If yes, please describe your situation and limits (e.g. no phone calls, no hotel, whatever).
- My fiance and I are in a commited relationship. We are open to having an experiance with another girl but only experiancing it as a couple!

4) Are you currently free from STDs? If yes, how do you know? If no, please list. If you have one and lie about it, you will be executed.
-My fiance and I are both STD free, as we have been tested. I am willing to undergo another test, but my fiance is a LITTLE needle shy... I would prefer that the person coming into the experiance be tested or at the least they must have proof that they are clean, ie, doctors records...

5) What is your geographical location?
-We live in the Passaic County NJ area.

6) Are you willing to travel for a hookup? If yes, please specify any limits.
-Possibly. Depending on how close you live near us. We won't travel over 30 mins for sex, we have each other. (nicely put by the people I borroed this survey from)

7) Are you able to hookup in your own home? Yes, No, Maybe. If yes, please state whether there are children present in your home. If no, please specify if you are willing to split the cost of a hotel room.
We have roomates, so would prefer for the hook-up to take place in a hotel. We would be MORE than willing to split the cost!

8) What is your gender? M, F, other (please specify)
-I'm a 23 year old female and fiance is a 24 year old male.

9) Are you interested in hooking up with people in your gender, other gender, both, or no preference? If you're looking for one type of thing but may be willing to try another, please describe.
We are looking for a girl who is open to being with both of us... No guys please, as my fiance is straight.

10) Name any ground rules or boundaries you have.
-Please no humiliation, waters sports, and anything of that nature... The initial hookup (IF more than one were to occur) would be very straight forward and "vanilla". Maybe some light spanking, but nothing more than that...

11) What else should someone know about you when evaluating hookup potential?
My fiance and I have never had a threesome together so there MAY be some strange moments of tension. Someone who is okay with this is best! We are looking for someone within two or three years of our ages but we are open as long as you are legal!

12) What else do you need to know about a potential hookup partner? -Allergies would be good. We are both medical professionals and are very conscious of that sort of thing, we don't want you having to spend the time in the ER! Also, preferences about positions, acts, or whatever you might think about (toys, clothes, atmosphere, etc.) would DEFINATLY be helpful. (stole a bit of this from the previous "owners" of the survey. Thanks girls!)

If you would like to ask me anything else about anything, please feel free to email me: njemtgirl@yahoo.com. Have a picture ready (we have ours) and if we want to take it further, we'll let you know!!

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