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happy holidays!

I know I havn't updated in a long time.... I never have time to go on LJ, I have a myspace though so if you want to find me on there you can my e-mail address is Lacey_080790@yahoo.com so go find me if you want and add me, but send me a message saying you're from LJ... I'm kind of picky about who I add.

Over the summer I ended up going out with this girl April for a month, and she broke up with me on September 1... it took me a while to get over her, but I did... after she started going out with her best friend and didn't tell me until I asked why she had been avoiding me...

Then on the 9th of this month I started going out with this girl I go to school with, Micha, but then on monday she broke up with me and now says she only likes guys... but lastnight I asked my friend Jena out... and she's 19... I'm 15, but it doesn't really matter because we both really like eachother and we have alot of fun together and stuff, even though her friend Jenny is going to like shoot her.... she doesn't really care lol.

So I got what I wanted to x-mas, and so did she.... but we're going Christmas shopping this saturday... possibly a concert... Ether Circus.... my friends band, they're good.

Really sorry if this is to long... I kind of forgot how to do an LJ cut cuz I'm never on LJ and stuff, but go find my myspace is you want, there's more recent pix of me on there.

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